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Need help? Whatcha need help with?What I can do is recommend some things below to maybe help you along your jouney to getting online? Maybe give you some insight?The biggest hurdle is all the dynamics and terminology for people and where to start.These are some website basics and my recommendations.

Frequantly Asked Questions

Website Basics 101

How do I get started with a website?

Answer. Being here is the best start. I can work with you along the way. We can work virtually via text, phone or email. Or we can meet and exchange ideas. Your choice. So a website is a few things.

  • a web host.
  • a domain name.
  • your website.
What is hosting?

Answer. Hosting is the place your website is stored. Just like your computer it has your websites files stored on it. It also has software running on it for various funtions. Forms, emails, access to files. It also makes the site available on the net for visitors around the world. 

What is a domain name?

Answer. Simply put, a domain name (or just ‘domain’) is the name of a website. It’s what comes after “@” in an email address, or after “www.” in a web address. If someone asks how to find you online, what you tell them is usually your domain name.

Examples of domain names are:

The first step in creating an online presence is purchasing a domain name. Anyone can purchase a domain name by going to a domain host or registrar like Google Domains, finding a name no one else is using, and paying an annual fee to own and register it. You can also choose from various domain name endings (or “TLDs”), like .com, .coffee, or .photography. If you’re thinking about buying a domain name, check out our tips on how to come up with a good name.

How do I get a website

Answer. We'll work together to create a site around your branding and include all static information people would be interested in learning about your business or organization. Websites are an online, searchable business card. Leave the dynamic (ever changing) snipets for social media. Not everyone is on social media so make sure you have a site for these folks.

If I want to create my own website, What hosting do you recommend?

I've used a few different hosting companies. I recommend IONOS hoting. GoDaddy is not what it used to be and prices are not as they used to be either.

What website editor should I use?

Nicepage is a great editor but developers like me use a variety of editors to get to the end result. It even takes PC based softwares at times to get to the end result. Adobe Photoshop, MS Office... whatever it takes.

How about the free sites like Weebly or Wix?

If you're a do it yourselfer have at it. You'll still need a domain name. You'll still need SEO. You won't be able to tie an email address to your domain unless paying for that free site. At Finger Lakes Web Works for about $30 per month, you can have a professional site (2022 pricing) that's got everything you need and optimized for the internet.

Nicepage Site Builder

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